What Parts of My Car Are Upholstered?

Your vehicle has more upholstery in it than you might realize. This is why Banister’s Upholstery works tirelessly to protect, repair, and replace automotive upholstery of all types. Part of your vehicle’s value is tied up in its condition, including its aesthetics. If your upholstery is stained or torn, you’ll immediately lose resale value in the car. Let’s talk about the parts of your automobile that are upholstered, so you can keep an eye on their condition and maintain your vehicle’s value.


Starting at the interior’s bottom, your vehicle likely has carpeting upholstered on the floors. You will also find carpeting in the trunk. This carpet is made from a heavy-duty, low-pile material that stands up to a lot of abuse. It’s not bulletproof, however, so keep it clean and watch for tears.


Moving up to the doors, the insides of them have a combination of cloth, hard plastic, faux leather, or real leather. It’s easy to ding the doors getting in and out of your automobile. It’s also easy to tear the fabric or leather. Treat the door materials accordingly to protect them.


As with the doors, the seats are also either cloth, faux leather, real leather, or a combination of these choices. If you think getting in and out of the car can damage your door interiors, imagine what sitting in the seat can do, especially if you have something hard or sharp in your back pocket.


Most vehicles these days have faux leather or leather dashboards. Some still have cloth but that’s harder to find. The sun beats down on your dashboard, fading and damaging the material. Clean your dashboard regularly and protect it with a conditioner that blocks the sun’s rays.


Above your head inside of the car is your vehicle’s ceiling and, again, the material could be cloth, almost felt-like, or some type of real or fake leather. Over time, ceilings begin to ripple. If your vehicle is quite old, the ceiling material, or headliner as it’s called, can even sag and tear.

Convertible Top

If you drive a convertible, the top is considered vehicle upholstery. Of everything, the convertible takes the most abuse. Sun, rain, ice, dirt, grime, and even hail and rocks attack the vinyl or leather convertible top, leaving most drivers with frustrating damage. This upholstery definitely needs regular TLC.

We are Banister’s Upholstery, and we’d be happy to repair (if we can), restore, or replace your vehicle’s upholstery. Call us at our East Point, GA shop.

Photo by Room_76_Photography from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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