Are Cloth Seats Better Than Leather?

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As the part of your vehicle you see and feel every time you drive, upholstery matters, but deciding on leather or fabric largely depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each.


Known for luxury and sleek appeal, high-quality leather seats come with a price. Not only does the material cost more by design, the demand for this trendy product also plays a role in the markup. And why not? It feels soft and elevates the interior.

Leather also cleans easier, with its natural stain-resistant fibers that repel odors, as well. In addition, for those who live in a chillier climate, the material responds more effectively to seat warmers, making long winter drives more comfortable.

As for the negatives, leather not only costs more up-front but continues the trend with its maintenance. You’ll need a quality cleaner to keep it looking and feeling plush, and repairing or replacing it comes with a hefty price tag. In the beginning, it can be stiff and uncomfortable, and though it works well with seat warmers, this means it reacts strongly to any change in temperature. Meaning, slipping into the driver’s seat on a July afternoon could leave you with burned skin. Also, continued sun exposure can bleach or discolor leather, leaving you with an expensive but dull-looking interior.


Inexpensive to make, replace and repair, fabric seats are easily customized with more varied options. With that, a wide range of quality fabrics means you can play up your personal style. For comfort, cloth seats are soft from the get-to, staying cool in the summer and warm in winter. So, many drivers who live in extreme climates prefer this option.

On the flip side, fabric absorbs odors and stains, making it more difficult to keep clean. If you smoke or have pets, this quality can negatively-affect resale value. Also, cloth seats can show age more quickly, dating and devaluing your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Whether you spend a lot of time driving or not, how your cabin looks and feels greatly affects the quality of your experience. Fortunately, both leather and fabric seats have plenty of positives, so you can’t go wrong either way. In the end, analyzing your life and choosing the best fit for your needs will answer the question for you.

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Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay

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