How Can I Make My Car More Luxurious With Interior Upgrades?

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How can I make my car more luxurious with interior upgrades? Your car is like your home away from home. The special personal touches that you add to your home cannot be duplicated in your car because you are limited in space and what accents will add style to a car. Some may think their additions will upgrade their car; however, it may be distracting or considered gaudy. Here is the list of upgrades that you can try to upgrade your interior.


This upgrade will add value in two areas, so you can get a real bang for your buck by upgrading your seating. The first area is comfort. If your seats are not comfortable for you or your passenger, your ride will not be considered upgrading. The second area is the aesthetics. The look of quality is instant with interior upgrades – changing your vinyl or cloth seats to a quality leather seat. Make sure to select a complementary color and trim to accent your car’s color perfectly. Additionally, luxury material will add to the comfortability factor. Contact Banister’s for great quality leather seats and more.


Your car may have had the latest audio accessories when it was purchased; however, technology today moves so fast that those same accessories may now be considered dinosaurs. To avoid being obsolete and to be able to enjoy the special comforts and luxury, upgrade the audio system. Your old system can easily be replaced by new touchscreen technology, and Bluetooth and navigation through systems like Apple Maps.


Just because your car’s flooring is just used to track in dirt and is at the bottom of your car, make sure not to underestimate the value of upgraded flooring. If your carpet is discolored and worn down, grey, and dirty, a quick, low-cost carpet change will add a luxurious look to your car. Protect your new carpet with good quality floor mats to keep the carpet new for a longer period of time. Use a carpet color that accentuates the colors in your seats. At Banister’s, we have a large selection to choose from.

Smooth Ride

Your car’s suspension is important to the quality of your ride. If your car feels like it hits every pothole that your city has to offer and your back hurts after running errands around town. You may not be able to change Atlanta’s streets. However, a suspension change can help to ensure that your leisurely ride does not turn into a nightmare for your back.

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If any of this sounds like what you need, it’s time to give Banister’s Upholstery a call. Located in East Point, GA, we are the best auto upholsterer in the greater Atlanta area. Give us a call today!

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