Reupholstering Options for Your Auto

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There are a lot of options for reupholstering your vehicle. Whether you are concerned about your vehicle’s resale value or just its good looks, protecting the upholstery matters a great deal. It does not matter how well your car runs or how low the mileage is – if your vehicle does not look the part, it will not attract many buyers. Simultaneously, driving in an ugly car is no fun, and something no one is anxious to do.

If the upholstery in your vehicle has seen its better days, it may be time to replace it. You have several options when reupholstering your vehicle, and it is important to examine each choice and make a sound decision. Here are some of the reupholstering options you have when fixing up your old vehicle.

Spot Repairs

If the upholstery in your car is in reasonable shape, you may be able to get away with a few simple spot repairs. Spot repairs are great for fixing small problems like tears, rips and stains, and you should always ask if this is an option.

If you have a few stains here and there, the automotive upholstery company may be able to buff them out, even if you have been unable to do so independently. The same goes for rips and tears since professionals cannot access techniques and materials not available to the general public.

Replacing Worn Bolsters

The curved part of the seat, known in the automotive trade as the seat bolster, is the part that gets the most wear. Every time you get in and out of your vehicle, it is the bolster that takes the brunt of your weight. Over time, those bolsters tend to wear out, and they often wear much earlier than the seats themselves.

If the seats in your vehicle are still in good shape, you may be able to replace the bolsters. This could save you a lot of money, so ask your upholstery specialist about the option.

Reupholstering – Top, Bottom or Both

Automotive seats tend to wear unevenly, so it is important to carefully examine your seats to see exactly what needs to be done. Many drivers do not realize that they do not necessarily need to replace or reupholster the entire seat – if the top portion of the seat is still in pristine shape, but the bottom is worn, you might be able to reupholster just the bottom.

Always ask your automotive upholstery professional at Banister’s Upholstery about which parts of the seat need to be replaced or repaired and which parts can be left as is. If the entire seat is heavily damaged, you may have no choice but to reupholster the whole thing, but in many cases, you can do a bit less and still make your old car look like new.

Image by lbrownstone from Pixabay

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