Which Is Better? A Cloth Or Vinyl Convertible Top?

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Your family accuses you of loving your classic car more than them; there might be a little truth in that when the teenagers act up. The top of your vintage convertible has seen better days, though, and despite your efforts to keep everything original on the car, you’re going to have to replace it. Which is better? Cloth or vinyl? Banister’s Upholstery provides information below to help you decide.

Cloth Vs. Vinyl

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the different types of convertible tops first. When it comes to vinyl convertible tops, the pros include a shinier exterior appearance and a harder surface. Vinyl convertible tops are the hard tops you see on many cars. Age and weather can take their toll on vinyl tops in the forms of cracks and peeling. Vinyl tops can also mildew, especially in the moist East Point climate.

Cloth convertible tops don’t crack or mildew, and they can be repaired when damaged, whereas vinyl tops must be replaced. These are huge advantages of cloth tops compared to vinyl ones. One big disadvantage, however, is cloth tops just aren’t as pretty. They don’t clean easily, either, and they give in to weather extremes much easier than vinyl tops do. Your cloth top won’t last as long most likely.

The Differences in Care

Many of our customers make their final decisions based on how hard it is to care for the convertible top. Because of its structure and material, some people feel caring for a vinyl top is easier. You don’t need any special shampoos for a vinyl top; your car shampoo works just fine. The only time you’ll need to use a special cleaner on your vinyl top is if you spot mildew growing in the crevices. Giving the vinyl top a monthly protectant treatment will help prevent cracking and peeling, as well.

A cloth top requires a little more TLC, but for some, caring for the top is enjoyable. Soft, specialized brushes do the best job of cleaning your cloth convertible top. You use the softest bristle brush to clean and a brush with a medium bristle to loosen dirt and grime. It’s a good idea to use a shampoo designed specifically for cloth convertible tops; the combination of the shampoo and brushes really make keeping your rag top clean. Use a protectant, as well, to protect the cloth top.

We can help you choose a top here at Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, too. We customize and install convertible tops for our customers, so give us a call today.

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