Convertible Upholstery Care Guide

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Imagine you’re cruising down the road with the sun on your face and your hair in the wind. That’s the beauty of owning a convertible. These classic cars are definitely sought after, but it can be a challenge to maintain your convertible’s upholstery. Aside from common spills and stains, a convertible is much more susceptible to the elements. This means you’ll need to practice good care to keep your upholstery properly maintained. Here’s how you can do it.

Convertible Upholstery Care

The main issue with convertibles is that your upholstery is exposed to direct sunlight whenever the top is down. Over time, UV rays can cause your upholstery to fade, crack, or otherwise become damaged. This means your seats will age more quickly than the average car, causing you to either replace the upholstery or invest in some seat covers. Certain materials require more care than others, so it’s good to know which method will work for your particular convertible.

Leather Care

Leather is a high-end choice for upholstery, but it also needs extra-special care. This expensive upholstery is exceptionally comfortable, smooth, and beautiful. On the other hand, you’ll need to keep your leather seats clean as often as possible. Any cracks or tears in the seats can become much worse in a convertible since it will dry out the leather and make the cracking worse. Treat your seats with a quality leather treatment and reapply it every few months to maintain the soft, supple look and feel of the leather.

Nylon Upholstery Care

Nylon is found in all kinds of cars, and it’s extremely popular and durable. Nylon is strong but also soft, making it a great choice for drivers who own a convertible. Another bonus to nylon is that it easily resists shrinking, stretching, and wrinkling. To keep your convertible’s nylon upholstery looking its best, spray it with a sun protectant and make any repairs as soon as they’re needed to help you maintain its longevity.

Polyester Care

Polyester comes in many forms, but it’s often called “microsuede” when used in car upholstery. This material looks and feels like real leather, but it doesn’t require as much maintenance. Polyester is very comfortable but it can also be highly prone to stains and looking dirty. While polyester is really strong and durable, it should be maintained frequently to avoid permanent stains. When this material is exposed to the sun, it can fade rather quickly. Always put your top-up whenever you plan to be away from your car for an extended period of time.

Vinyl Care

One great thing about vinyl is that it’s super easy to clean and maintain. It’s a whole lot less expensive than leather, although it can become extremely hot to the touch when exposed to direct sunlight. Vinyl is durable and works well for car upholstery thanks to its affordable price and low maintenance. And, if you happen to leave your top-up by accident, vinyl is extremely weather-resistant and dries quickly if it gets wet.

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