Why Do My Car Seats Squeak?

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If you hear a strange squeaking sound when you get into your car, you might think it is no big deal. You may simply assume that you have put on a bit of weight, and that your car seats are squealing under the strain. But before you head to the doctor for diet pills, you need to find the true cause of the problem. While it is true that a heavy load will put extra strain on your car seats, an unexplained squeaking sound should be cause for alarm. Here are some of the reasons your car seats could be squeaking from Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA.

Worn Springs

Over time, the springs that support your car seat can start to wear out. The strain of rising and falling every time someone gets in and out of the car can cause even the strongest springs to wear out, and squeaking is often the first sign of trouble.

If the springs in your car seat have started to squeak, it may be time to have them replaced. Replacing those worn out springs can keep you more comfortable. More importantly, those replacement springs can improve the structural integrity of the car you drive.

Damage to the Vinyl

If the vinyl on your seats is torn or otherwise damaged, that damage could cause the seats to squeak when you sit down, or when you move around. Start by checking the seats for damage, noting any areas where the vinyl is torn or cracked.

You can have this damaged vinyl repaired, giving your car a new lease on life and eliminating that squeaking noise. Even if you do not think your vinyl seats are damaged, it never hurts to check.

A Lack of Lubrication

The seats in your car need regular maintenance to keep doing their job, and that includes lubricating the springs and underlying support systems. If you cannot remember the last time you had this done, you are probably overdue for the service.

Lubricating the springs and support systems should put that squeaking sound to bed. Even more importantly, that lubrication will allow the springs to work better, preventing further damage and keeping you more comfortable behind the wheel.

You should not ignore any squeaks in your car, including the ones under the seats. If you hear a strange noise when you sit down, or when you get in and out of your car, it is important to do some research and find the cause of the problem. Squeaking seats are more than just annoying – that squeaking noise could indicate a serious problem with your car.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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