Tools of the Trade in Auto Interior Upholstery

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Whether the vehicle you drive is fresh off the lot or more than a decade old, you have a vested interest in keeping it looking its best. A well maintained car, truck or SUV will retain a significant portion of its value as it ages, while a poorly maintained one will be worth far less at trade-in time.

It does not matter if you drive an antique or classic car, a rugged pickup truck or a practical minivan. How you care for the upholstery matters, and you will see the difference every time you get in the vehicle.

Your Upholstery Tool Kit

If you want to keep your automotive upholstery looking its best, you need the right tools. There are tools of the trade in every occupation, and automotive upholstery is certainly no exception. You may not have access to the professional grade tools the pros use, but you can put together a basic kit to deal with those inevitable soda spills and sippy cup failures.

You will need an assortment of brushes to keep your upholstery in great shape, so put together a kit you can keep in your vehicle. A stiff-bristled brush is a necessity, since it will help you work out those stubborn stains. That stiff-bristled brush can also be helpful when dealing with stains that have worked their way below the surface. The rubbing action will bring the stains and discoloration to the surface, where you can use a quality cleanser to remove it.

A Soft Finishing Brush

That stiff-bristled brush is important, but your automotive kit should also include a soft brush. The soft brush can be used to polish the upholstery, making it look its best and smoothing out any imperfections left by the cleaning process.

You can also use the soft finishing brush to remove crumbs and other debris, keeping your car clean and avoiding the staining that would require the use of your other upholstery tools.

An Automotive Vacuum

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you will need to vacuum the interior on occasion. Dragging out the big vacuum can be a real chore, so a smaller automotive vacuum should be part of your upholstery care kit.

You can find small automotive vacuums that plug into the cigarette lighter in your car, so you do not even need to find an electric outlet to use them. No matter what size vacuum you choose, having it handy will make maintaining your upholstery a lot easier.

The upholstery in your vehicle is an important indicator of its value, and of its overall maintenance. If you want your vehicle to stay looking like new, putting together your own upholstery kit can help a lot. You still need the pros for the big stuff, but having your own kit will make the day to day maintenance a lot easier.

Image by Radosław Kulupa from Pixabay

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