Tips on How to Protect and Preserve the Interior of Your Boat

Whether you love to fish, explore the wilderness or just have fun on the water, owning your own boat can be a dream come true. When you own your own boat, you can schedule your waterborne excursions any time you want, without relying on others and their schedules.

No matter what kind of watercraft you have your eye one, buying a boat is a major commitment in terms of both time and money. Even the most basic boat can be quite expensive, so it pays to take care of your new craft properly to make it last as long as possible.

Boats operate is a hostile environment, and the constant exposure to water and salt spray can really take its toll on the interior. If you want the interior of your boat to last as long as the rest of it, it is important to clean it carefully.

Protecting the interior of your boat means shielding the upholstery from the harsh rays of the sun, the salt spray from the ocean and the damage from the water itself. The best way to start is with a thorough deep cleaning, a process that should be repeated at least once a month or every time you take your boat out on the water.

Vinyl Cleaner

You will want to use a quality vinyl cleaner made just for boats – the cleaner you use in your home is not suitable for the purpose. Vinyl cleaner designed for boats will be able to brighten all your water-safe surfaces, but it will also provide a level of protection that general-purpose cleaners simply cannot match.

Soft brush

Use a soft brush to clean the upholstery in your boat, and use a clean cloth to wipe the vinyl cleaner away once it has done it job. You will also need a toothbrush for cleaning the cracks and crevices where the brush cannot easily reach.

Be sure to read the instructions on the boat-safe vinyl cleaner carefully and follow them to the letter. In most cases you will start by spraying a light coating of the cleaner on to the upholstered seats and letting it sit there for a minute or so. Once the cleaner has dried, you can wipe it away with a clean soft cloth.

After the initial cleaning, you can use the soft brush to clean the upholstery inside your boat. Work in a circular motion, applying enough pressure to loosen stubborn dirt without damaging the delicate surface of the seats.

It is best to clean the seats inside your boat in sections, cleaning each part of the interior thoroughly and only moving on to the next area once you are satisfied with the results. If you do your job well, you should be able to see a clear difference between the sections that are done and the ones that are still awaiting their deep cleaning.

Cleaning the interior of your boat does more than make it look great. Regular cleaning can also extend the life of the upholstery by removing surface dirt before it has a chance to work its way into the fabric and cause damage. Your boat is a major purchase, and its interior deserves proper care.

Image by Lisa Larsen from Pixabay

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