Things That Ruin Your Car’s Armrests

The interior of your car, SUV, or truck can become unsightly if the armrests get damaged or dirty. We can restore the inner beauty of your automobile by repairing or replacing the armrests. There are many things in your daily life that can ruin your car’s armrests. Let’s talk about these things below. If your car’s armrests need some TLC, give us a call or stop by our shop. We are automobile upholstery experts.


Dirt can flow into your automobile through the vents if your cabin air filter is dirty. It also flows into the automobile through open windows. You may track the dirt in if you have a job or love to play a sport that makes you exceptionally grubby. Nonetheless, the minute you rest your dirty arms on the armrests, the dirt is ground into the upholstery by the pressure and weight of your arms.


We all enjoy sipping our favorite coffee beverages, teas, or sodas in our automobiles while we are driving. It’s easy to spill the beverage, however, especially if you have to slam on the brakes for some reason. Coffee and tea can easily stain the armrests; you’ve probably discovered how they can stain your clothing. The syrups used in sodas can also stain the armrests.


Another thing that we all do in our automobiles is eat, especially when we are on the run. Unfortunately, food can also stain the armrests, including things such as ketchup, grease or oil, and hot sauce. Grabbing your favorite fast food may seem like a good idea when you are extremely busy, but the foodstuffs can leave you with a stained and unsightly armrest.


Speaking of grease and oil, what about the oil in your skin? Over time, this, too, can stain your armrests. In addition, as we mentioned above, you can stain the armrests if you get into the vehicle sweating heavily after a long day at a heavy-duty job or after playing football with the guys. This type of staining is unavoidable, and the primary reason why our customers get new armrests from us.


Finally, you place pressure and weight on the armrests when you use them. Eventually, this will tamp the armrests down in some places, leaving the padding and top surface uneven. You can also tear certain fabrics if you use your armrests all the time.

We can rebuild and recover your armrests to bring them back to their as-new condition. Call us today or stop by our shop to discuss new armrests with our personnel.

Photo by algre from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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