Things That Can Damage My Convertible’s Top

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Summer is here and it’s time to put down your convertible’s top. Inspect the top first, however, to make sure that it hasn’t been damaged. There are many things out there that can cause damage to your leather or vinyl convertible top. These things can also damage hardtops. Banister’s Upholstery lists the things that can damage your convertible top below.

Tree Branches

Low-hanging tree branches are murder on your convertible top. They can easily tear cloth tops, and they can easily scratch hardtops. It doesn’t matter how big or small the branches are, when they make contact with the top, they are going to make their mark so to speak. Always park your convertible under well-trimmed trees to make sure the top doesn’t get damaged by low-hanging tree branches.


Dirt and grime can also damage your convertible top, especially if you have a light-colored top. Many of the lighter colors make your vehicle look sharp and sporty, but keeping them clean can be a huge problem if they get stained by dirt, grime, or pollen. It’s important to take care of your convertible top to make sure that it is covered with protectants to repel dirt and grime.


Dirt and grime are part of the road debris that is flung onto your convertible from the car in front of you. Larger road debris can damage your convertible top severely. Things such as large rocks, tire rubber, and oil can tear or permanently stain your convertible top. Keep clear of big rigs that are particularly known to spin road debris out of their tires.

UV Rays

The sun’s UV rays beating down on your convertible top will cause it to fade no matter what color it is. If you park outside all day, use a car cover to protect your convertible top from the sun’s rays. Keep your convertible top conditioned and protected properly, as well, to give it a sunblock to prevent the color from fading. Few things look worse than a faded convertible top.


Finally, the weather is hard on your convertible top. Not only can strong winds blow tree branches and road debris against the top, but constant rain can also cause mold, mildew, and water damage. As with some of the other things that can cause convertible top damage listed above, it’s important that you keep your convertible top clean and protected against inclement weather.

Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, can replace your convertible top if it needs it or if you’re just ready for a change. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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