Simple Car Upholstery Maintenance Tips

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You want your car to look good, and this isn’t just in reference to the paint job. When it comes to a good-looking vehicle, the upholstery is an important part of the overall aesthetic. Good upholstery maintenance will not only make your car look great, but it will also make you feel good. In order to properly preserve and clean your vehicle upholstery, check out these easy and helpful tips to extend the life and appearance of your vehicle.

Keep it Shaded

Whether you have cloth or leather upholstery, too much sun exposure can wreak havoc on it. Make sure you shade your car and keep it cool as much as possible. If you have a carport or garage, park it there whenever you’re not using the vehicle. If you don’t have access to cover, try a sun shade that will help to block the sun’s rays from hitting your interior. Leather seats can dry out and start to crack, and your cloth upholstery will fade and be more susceptible to tearing over time. Crack the windows to keep the inside temperature cooler, too.

Clean with Cloth

If you spill something inside your car, you probably just grab the closest thing you can like a napkin or a paper towel. These items are actually wood-based, and they can leave a seriously unsightly scratch, particularly on leather upholstery. Keep an old t-shirt handy to wipe up spills, or use a microfiber cloth. Anything that is made of cotton will be a lot softer and a lot less abrasive.

Use Leather Conditioner Products

Leather upholstery requires a lot of care and extra maintenance. Use s special leather conditioning product to keep your interior looking fresh and new. Treat the upholstery as recommended per the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a small amount and apply it with a soft cloth, wiping down the seats. You might notice a wet layer on the upholstery. This is completely normal. Simply allow it to sit and will eventually soak into your leather. Just be sure the seats are completely dry before you sit or drive.

Try Seat Covers

When it comes to the ultimate protection, seat covers will keep your upholstery protected. This is especially recommended for people who have children or pets. The seat cover will keep your upholstery from getting stained, faded, or scratched. It’s an easy way to protect your vehicle’s appearance without having to worry about a ton of extra maintenance. Choose seat covers that will complement the color of your interior so it looks seamless.

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