Signs it’s Time to Replace My Convertible Top

With an established history of quality and customization, you can count on us to replace your convertible’s top right the first time when it needs it. There are numerous indications that the top is worn out and needs replacing. Here is what they are for your information.


Your convertible top can get discolored as mold and mildew grow on the top. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of the mold and mildew once it starts growing in the pores of the top’s vinyl or leather. Consequently, in order to protect your vehicle and your health (you don’t want to inhale the spores), it’s important to have the convertible top replaced if it’s moldy or faded by the sun.

Excess Noise

Your top is no longer creating a seal if you can hear a ton of outside noise in your automobile when everything is closed up. When the outside noises seem louder, check to make sure the top is closed correctly. If it is, you need a new top because the old one isn’t sealing off your car’s interior.

Leaking Top

In fact, you may end up with water inside your car when it rains if the top cannot create a seal. A leaking convertible top is definitely a sign that you need a new top installed. You may even be able to see from where the top is leaking if you inspect it thoroughly, whether from the top itself or a seam.

Rusted Frame

Your top’s frame can also succumb to moisture and begin to rust. Unfortunately, the rust will eat away at the metal frame and damage it. The rust can also affect how well the metal joints work, making it extremely difficult to open and close your convertible top. This, too, means you need a new one.

Sagging Top

A worn-out top can become a sagging convertible top. This is unsightly and stretches the vinyl or leather material even more. The stretching can also tear the convertible top over time. If your car’s convertible top is sagging, stop by our shop so we can give you a quote for a new convertible top.

Worn Seams

A sagging top also wears out the seams. In fact, all of the problems discussed above (with the exception of noise) wear out the seams. Over time, your top’s seams may start to fray and come undone. When this happens, the top will fall apart. Keep an eye on the seams for wear if your top is older.

We are here to help, so call us today if your convertible top needs to be replaced. We will customize a top that is perfect for your automobile.

Photo by Mike from Pexels via Canva Pro

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