Signs it’s Time to Have Your Car’s Seats Reupholstered

Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, Georgia can reupholster your car’s seats if they need it. In fact, we can customize the car seats to give your vehicle a unique look and to allow you to express your personality. Your car seats will tell you when they need to be reupholstered. We are going to list for signs that it’s time to have the seats reupholstered below. Give us a call or stop by our shop if you notice any of the following problems so we can discuss the best way to reupholster your seats.

Loose Upholstery

Your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s upholstery will loosen over time. This is because it stretches. If your upholstery moves when you move around in the seat, this is a sign that it is too loose and needs to be replaced. As the upholstery moves around, it will look as if there are bubbles underneath it. The more the upholstery stretches the more likely it will start to tear.

Unpleasant Smells

If the inside of your car stinks, it could be the upholstery. This is especially true if you are a smoker who smokes inside your vehicle. It’s possible that you have also bought a used car and the previous owner was a smoker. Bad odors can get trapped in your car’s upholstery just as they can get trapped in your home’s furniture. If cleaning the upholstery does not help, it’s a good idea to replace the upholstery so that the inside of your automobile no longer smells.

Stained Upholstery

Your car’s upholstery is going to get stained over the years; there’s no way to avoid this. This is especially true if you eat and drink inside your automobile. You can try to clean the upholstery using an approved stain remover, but if the stains refuse to budge, it may be time to reupholster the seats. If you are planning to sell your automobile, new upholstery is an excellent selling point.

Torn Upholstery

Finally, as we mentioned above, old upholstery stretches and tears. You may also end up tearing the upholstery yourself if you have a sharp pen in your pocket or other sharp object. Torn upholstery is unsightly. Replacing the car seat upholstery will restore your vehicle to a like-new condition.

This is especially true if there are many areas where the upholstery has torn.

Call Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, today if you would like to discuss reupholstering your car seats. We’d be happy to help.

Photo by blueskyline from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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