How to Protect Your Upholstery in the Summer

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The summer sun and heat can do a real number on your vehicle’s upholstery, especially if you have a leather or faux leather convertible top. You can protect your car, truck, or SUV’s upholstery if you follow some tips. We here at Banister’s Upholstery have found the following works well when you want to protect your upholstery during the summer heat and keep it looking as if it were brand new.

Avoid the Sun When Possible

You cannot avoid the sun during the daytime but you can try to avoid it in certain circumstances. If you have the option of parking in the shade, such as under a tree or in a parking garage, take that option. This keeps the sun from beating down on your vehicle and its upholstery. If you park under a tree, however, know there are other things that can damage your vehicle’s exterior, including tree sap and bird droppings. It’s best to cover your vehicle with a quality cover when parking under trees.

Put Up a Windshield Protector to Protect Your Upholstery

Always use a windshield protector to protect your vehicle’s dashboard and window shades to protect the seats when you can. This is particularly helpful if you cannot find a parking space in the shade. The windshield protector shades your vehicle’s dashboard from the beating sun rays and the window shades will help prevent the sun from coming in through the side windows. You might also consider putting up a shade in the rear window, too, for added protection. Shade your vehicle’s upholstery as best you can.

Clean and Condition

Whether you have upholstery made from leather or other materials, keep it clean and conditioned throughout the summer to help protect it from the sun and heat. As mentioned above, this is particularly important if you drive a convertible with an upholstered top. Using a soft cloth, wipe down your vehicle’s dashboard, top, and upholstery frequently to remove dirt and grime. Then, keep the dashboard, top, seats, and all other upholstery conditioned to prevent sun damage, including drying and cracking. The better conditioned your vehicle’s upholstery is the less damage it will incur during the summer.

You can also use seat and dashboard covers to protect your vehicle’s upholstery in the summer and Banister’s Upholstery would be happy to design custom ones just for you. We are located in East Point, GA, and our telephone number is 404-767-4396. We can also repair vehicle upholstery or replace it if it’s damaged beyond repair. Call us today.

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