What Can I Do to Protect My Boat’s Interior During the Summer?

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For all you water junkies out there, your boat means everything. With the freedom to sunburn at will, you cherish what you get out of this investment. Caring for your boat is another task altogether, though. Not an inexpensive purchase, boats require upkeep to stay in prime condition. And like any other vehicle, you spent the money, might as well make it last. So, if you want to know the best ways to care for your sweet water ride, consider the following:

Deep Clean First

Before anything else, your boat needs some elbow grease. Apply a high-quality soap to the exterior, and clean the interior based on material. Several commercial products exist to protect leather from sun and weather, and the same goes for vinyl. Note: Water-based cleansers work best and have fewer chemicals.

Cover to Protect

Like you shade your vehicle’s interior from summer rays, so should you protect the inside of your boat. When it’s not in use, make sure you cover it with a high-quality product. UV rays speed up oxidation and wear out interior materials, so keeping it covered will go a long way to making it last. Boat covers aren’t cheap, especially if you have a large one, but this cost is more than worth it. So don’t skimp.

Other Tips for Care

  • Avoid dish soap or laundry soap–these products are meant for certain materials…not the inside of a boat. Keep them at home where they belong. Instead, take the time to learn all the materials on your boat and buy accordingly.
  • Consider your climate–it helps to understand what products to use in certain climates. For example, boats that stay on or near the ocean are exposed to salt and require products that counteract its effects.
  • Prioritize routine maintenance–like your car, regular care is key. Even in off seasons, make sure to have the engine checked out and serviced when necessary.
  • Clean daily–aside from a major clean every so often, wipe down surfaces at least once a day. This small act can prevent debris and stains from building up and causing expensive damage.

Before You Take it Out, Complete This Checklist

  • Clean the inside and outside thoroughly.
  • Check electrical outlets to make sure everything works properly.
  • Check the boat’s fluids (transmission, oil, etc.) and other essential systems (cooling system, belts).
  • Make sure the boat is properly registered.
  • Ensure you have a sufficient, high-quality boat cover for downtime.
  • Test all lights.

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Image by avpteam from Pixabay

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