Pro Tips for Removing Stains from Auto Upholstery

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Whether you drive an old beater or a brand new car, you want to take care of your vehicle the right way. That means waxing the exterior to protect the paint from the harsh rays of the sun, but it also means careful cleaning of the interior, from a thorough cleansing of the carpeting and floor mats to an examination of the automotive upholstery and the careful removal of any stains you find.

Removing stains from automotive upholstery is not always an easy job, but there are things you can do to make it simpler and more effective. When it comes to working on your car, you can learn a lot from the experts, so pay careful attention to what they say. Here are some professional tips for removing those stubborn stains from your automotive upholstery.

Keep a Spill Station in Your Car

Wiping up spills is the key to preventing stains, and prevention is always better than treatment. Keep a spill station in your car and use it to wipe up spilled coffee, dropped soda cups and other stain-creating items right away.

Your spill station should contain a supply of wet and dry wipes, along with some sample-sized stain removers and upholstery cleaners. Preventing stains before they start is always the first line of defense, and it pays to be prepared.

Use Household Products to Remove Tough Stains

You can use many household items to remove stains on your automotive upholstery, so keep those unusual cleaning supplies close at hand. Here are a few of the household products and the stains they can remove.

  • Spray hairspray on stubborn ink stains. The chemicals in the hairspray will start to dissolve the ink, so it will be easier to wipe away.
  • Cover stubborn stains with glass cleaner. Let the glass cleaner soak into the upholstery, then use a clean soft cloth to lift it away.
  • Use a lint brush or shoe brush to bring your upholstery back to its original luster after cleaning. The brushing will reinvigorate the fibers and leave your upholstery looking like new.
  • Use ammonia to brighten up your faded carpet. Simple ammonia can bring those faded colors back to life and make your automotive carpeting look better and brighter.

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

When it comes time to clean your car, you need to use the right cleaning supplies. That starts with knowing what kind of interior your vehicle has, i.e. leather, vinyl or cloth. Be sure to use cleaning supplies designed for your specific type of automotive interior, and always read the instructions carefully to make sure you are using them the right way.

It is important to keep your automotive upholstery clean, and a thorough deep cleaning of your seats, carpets and floor mats can give your vehicle a whole new look. Watching for stains, cleaning spills quickly and being vigilant between deep cleanings can all improve your vehicle’s looks and even make it more valuable down the line. The expert tips listed above can help you keep your car looking its best inside and out.

Image by Melk Hagelslag from Pixabay

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