The Most Popular Upholstery Colors For Automobiles

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It used to be that you had two choices for your vehicle’s upholstery color: beige or black. This held true, especially in luxury automobiles, where beige seemed to be the only color you could find. Times have changed and exterior automobile paint has taken on an entirely new personality with vibrant even neon colors. What about the inside? Which colors do customers ask for the most when they visit Banisters Upholstery? Here are some popular choices.

Brown Remains Common

Although beige is seeing its way out the door, other brown hues still remain a popular choice. People are opting for darker shades from the brown palette, including tan (not beige, sorry), reddish-tan, and brownish-red. In other words, tan or red with a brownish base. These colors look nice on vehicles that have a dark gray or black exterior. They also match well with brown, red or beige automobiles.

Blue Is the Bomb

Blue interiors are extremely popular, especially with blue or gray cars, trucks or SUVs. Depending on the exterior paint, you can choose from any number of colors out of the blue spectrum. For example, if you have a dark blue automobile, you might opt for a light blue interior or vice versa if you’re feeling a little bold. Silver-blue is also often chosen as it blends well with many different exterior colors.

White – But Only Under Certain Circumstances

It might seem odd but many people like a white interior. This matches everything no matter what, but it can be hard to care for. As with white clothing and shoes, everything shows on white, and depending on the material used for the automobile upholstery, white also stains quite easily. That said, a deep red exterior matched with a white interior is stunning. Nobody can argue with that.

Light Gray

Light gray has somewhat replaced beige. It’s neutral and matches well with many exterior paints. It’s also easy to clean and doesn’t show dirt as easily as white does. It stays cooler in the summer than dark gray or black upholstery does, and it doesn’t draw attention to itself, which works well for drivers who trick the outside of their vehicle but not the inside. This neutral shade is quite popular.

Stop by Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, and tell us all about your ideal upholstery. View color samples and decide on the best material for your auto upholstery. If you love the upholstery you already have, we can clean and repair it for you. Call us today for more information.

Image by Kopri from Pixabay

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