The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Car Lover

The holidays are here and it isn’t too late to get the perfect gift for the car lover in your family. Banister’s Upholstery offers customized accessories sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Even better? Our gifts protect the automobile and remind the driver of your gift all year long. Let’s talk about some perfect holiday gifts for car lovers and how you can customize them for a truly authentic present.

Dashboard Covers

Dashboard covers can restore an older car to its like-new glory. They can also protect the dash from further damage. The most common thing that damages vehicle dashboards is the sun. Its UV rays shine through the windshield and side windows and fade the dash. Depending on how old the vehicle is or how well it’s been cared for, the dashboard can dry out and crack, too. Molded plastic dashboard covers can make an old dashboard look brand new, and camo, carpet, suede, or velour will protect a new dashboard to help prevent sun damage.

Carpets and Seat Covers

Flooring and seat covers are another popular accessory for car lovers, especially when they’re customized. Banister’s Upholstery customizes car accessories, so you can get the car lover in your family floor coverings he or she will love. Choose the material your car lover prefers – carpeting, rubber flooring, or vinyl; it depends on how the vehicle is used. For example, your husband would love customized rubber flooring for his work truck to protect the floors from the mud and grime on his work boots. Vinyl floor coverings are good for mom.

Seat covers not only protect the original car upholstery but also add a touch of sophistication or sportiness to any automobile. Choose the fabric and color that will boost the vehicle’s aesthetics and comfort. If your car lover drives an older car with torn seats, set him or her an appointment with us. We restore or reupholster all car seat types, including leather seats. You can also upgrade your car lover’s interior as a holiday gift, including floor mats, new leather upholstery, and a steering wheel cover. Go all out and replace the old and worn weather stripping, too.

Contact Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, to discuss the car lover in your family. You can also check out our online gallery for upholstery ideas. We can customize the interior of your car lover’s automobile and replace the convertible top if that’s necessary. We’ve got your holiday gifts covered – pun intended! Happy Holidays!

Photo by George Dolgikh via Canva Pro

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