Natural Ways to Remove Mold from Auto Upholstery

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If you want to get a great deal on a quality car, you might want to expand your search to some unusual places. There are thousands of classic cars lurking unused in garages, storage sheds and other unlikely places, and seeking them out could save you a lot of money.

If you do decide to go that route, however, you may end up with another problem. If the vehicle has been sitting around unused in a damp garage or storage shed, the upholstery may have developed a severe case of mold. That does not mean the vehicle is not a great bargain, but it does mean you will need to be creative to get rid of that mold and mildew.

Getting Rid of Mold on Automotive Upholstery

You may think that getting rid of mold on your automotive upholstery will require lots of chemical cleansers, but sometimes the natural approach is the best. If you want to deal with your mold issue without breathing in harsh chemicals, there are other ways to clean your vehicle.

Cleaning the mold and mildew off the upholstery in your vehicle is not difficult, but you will need the right supplies. Start with a quality stiff-bristled brush and a softer finishing brush. You will use these to brush and buff the upholstery after the mold has been removed.

Vacuum Your Vehicle Thoroughly

Whether the mold problem on your automotive upholstery is mild or well advanced, you should always start by vacuuming the interior thoroughly. A thorough vacuuming will remove dirt and debris, but the vacuum will also suck up any mold spores that could be lingering in the air.

Make sure you clean out all the cracks and crevices, including the spaces under the seats and along the back window. Once the vehicle has been thoroughly vacuumed, you can apply your all-natural mold cleaner.

Making Your Own Natural Mold Remover

Making your own all-natural mold remover is easy. All you need is a spray bottle and a supply of white vinegar. Just fill the spray bottle nearly all the way with white vinegar, then add a bit of distilled water.

Once the spray bottle is full, just apply the all-natural mold cleaner to your automotive upholstery, focusing on one section at a time. After each section has been cleansed of mold, use a clean cloth to dry it completely, then buff it out with your set of brushes. Work slowly and methodically, until all traces of mold have been removed from the upholstery.

You do not have to buy an expensive cleanser or breath harsh chemical fumes to keep your automotive upholstery free of mold. Whether you are working with your existing vehicle or cleaning up a new purchase, you can remove mold the natural way by following the above instructions.

Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay

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