Is Steam Cleaning My Leather Interior a Good Idea?

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There are many types of automotive upholstery, from the practicality of vinyl to the softness of microsuede. In the end though, nothing beats the luxury, beauty or durability of genuine leather.

There is a reason real leather upholstery is a staple of high-end luxury cars. The buyers of those high-priced vehicles know value when they see it, and they know that leather holds its value better than any other type of automotive upholstery.

Keeping Your Leather Interior Looking Like New

If you are lucky enough to own a vehicle with a genuine leather interior, you want to care for it the right way. When properly maintained, a leather interior can last for decades and still look like new. When it is neglected or not properly cleaned, that genuine leather interior will turn dry and cracked before you know it.

Keeping your leather interior looking new is not rocket science, but it is not always easy either. You may have heard that steam cleaning is a great way to clean your leather interior and maintain its good looks, but is this specialized form of cleaning really the best way to go?

Steam Cleaning for Your Leather Interior

At first blush, it may seem that steam cleaning would be bad for your leather interior. After all, steam is water, and water and leather usually do not mix.

The good news is that carefully steam cleaning your leather upholstery is much different than just spraying it with water. The heat from the steam can actually be good for the genuine leather interior of your vehicle.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

The primary benefit of steam cleaning a leather interior is that it kills germs. An occasional steam cleaning is a great way to keep your vehicle’s interior fresh and new, especially if you live in a hot and humid climate.

Under normal conditions, you should not have to steam clean your leather interior often. An occasional steam cleaning should be all you need to freshen the interior and kill off any lingering germs. When properly done, a good steam cleaning will not harm the genuine leather interior of your vehicle, but you should always have the work done by a professional.

Steam cleaning the vehicle without the help of a professional could result in damage to the leather, and you should only trust the process to an experienced pro. A professional steam cleaner will have the right equipment, know the proper methods to use and take care to keep your wonderful leather interior looking and feeling its best.

Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

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