How to Keep Vinyl Clean

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Whether you are dealing with the seats inside your car, the surfaces of your barstools or the patio furniture on your deck, vinyl requires special cleaning and specific care. If you care for your vinyl surfaces, they can stay looking like new for many years. If you neglect those surfaces, your vinyl will start to peel and crack in no time. As with other surfaces, the care you provide your vinyl furniture and other surfaces will make all the difference, so be prepared with a well-stocked cleaning kit and the appropriate knowledge.

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl is that it is easy to clean. If you spill a milkshake on your rug, you can look forward to a big cleaning job. If you spill that same milkshake on your vinyl floor, you can simply grab your mop and clean it up in no time.

But even though vinyl is easy to clean, if you do not address those spills quickly, you will likely be looking at a big stain. Whether the spill takes place inside your car, in your home or out on the deck, you need to clean it up quickly.

Creating a quick spill cleanup kit is a smart thing to do, and it will help you address spills quickly, before stains have a chance to form. Your vinyl cleanup kit should include a spray bottle filled with clean water, a supply of sponges and paper towels, a soft brush and a microfiber or other soft cloth.

When a spill does take place, you need to act fast, so grab your cleaning kit and get going. Start by wiping up as much of the spill as you can, soaking up the liquid with the paper towels and sponges. Keep blotting the area until the liquid is almost gone, then spray the entire area with the clean water. Use the remaining paper towels to sop up the liquid, then check for any staining.

If there is any staining or discoloration, use the spray bottle to wet the area again, then gently scrub the surface with a soft brush. You can dry it with the microfiber cloth and continue repeating these steps until there is no more discoloration or staining.

You can further protect your vinyl surfaces by using a spray protectant. This special chemical is designed to protect the vinyl, so liquid will roll off more quickly and stains will be much less likely. If you take care of your vinyl seats, vinyl furniture and other surfaces properly, you can keep enjoying them for many years to come.

Image by Noah Wieder from Pixabay

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