How to Keep the New Car Smell in Your Car

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The fragrance of a brand new car is one that is easily recognized – fresh upholstery, perfect carpet, dust-free dashboards and clean seats. The ‘new car scent’ is unique, and it often makes us think of a quality product and new beginnings.

As a matter of fact, this fresh smell inspires good car care habits for drivers who hope to maintain the smell for as long as possible.

So what can you do to extend this fresh scent in your car? You can a new car every few months – or simply follow these tips so your interior will stay fresher for longer.

  • Keep a good air freshener or an odor neutralizer to keep the odors at bay. An unlit scented candle will help absorb and mask everyday odors.
  • Steam clean your car seats and carpets a few times per year to freshen up the fabric and eliminate bacteria that is often the source of ghastly odors.
  • Keep your car trash free. Find a small, portable trash can or bag for your car and remove it each time you reach your destination.
  • Wipe down surfaces like the console, dashboard, armrest and cup holders with a good upholstery cleaner to help minimize overall odors.
  • Shake your carpets and mats out at least once a week, and spray them with water if they are vinyl.
  • Sprinkle carpet deodorizer on the floor mats and vacuum your vehicle regularly.
  • Use cotton swabs to get into small creases, nooks and plastic openings to remove dust and small particles.
  • Get rid of items that could cause lingering odors such as food or dirty laundry every time you get out of the car.
  • Choose heavy duty floor mats with an upturned edge to help contain spilled liquid or debris.
  • Wipe down the inside of windows with glass cleaner whenever you wash the car.
  • Eliminate smoking in your vehicle altogether, it leaves a sticky residue that lingers on the upholstery and it is quite difficult to get rid of.
Image by NoobInNature NIN from Pixabay

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