How Do I Remove an Ink Stain on My Leather Car Seat?

Few things are more frustrating than an ink stain on your leather car seat. You had no idea that a pen was sitting on the seat. Banister’s Upholstery can help get the stain out or replace the upholstery if the stain is already set and stubborn. If you catch the ink right away, you may be able to remove the stain yourself. We are going to list the steps below that you should follow to remove an ink stain on your leather car seat. If this does not work, call us right away.

Blot the Wet Ink

As we mentioned above, it’s important to take immediate action in order for this to work. As such, the minute the ink ends up on the leather seat, grab a soft cloth and blot it. Do this gently but try to soak up as much ink as you can. Do not rub the seat. This will only push the ink further into the leather. Rather, press gently on the stain and allow the cloth to absorb as much of the ink as possible.

Grab Some Stain Remover

The next step is to grab some stain remover and use it to remove the residual stain. You can purchase stain remover for your leather seats over-the-counter, or you can use something that you may already have in your home. For example, baking soda, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or white vinegar can help remove the stain from your leather seat. Grab the stain remover that you have in the house.

Next, grab a clean and soft cloth that is white and saturated with the stain remover. As you did when you dabbed the ink up, press gently down on the stain with the saturated cloth. Allow the stain remover to saturate the seat and the cloth to absorb the rest of the ink. You may rub gently if necessary to get all of the ink off of the seat and onto the cloth. Do this as many times as necessary to remove the ink.

Rinse the Seat

For this step, we don’t mean take a hose and wash down the leather seat. Rather, grab a clean spray bottle and fill it with distilled water. You do not want to use water out of the tap because the minerals can damage the seat. Spray the area where the stain remover is thoroughly and use another clean cloth to wipe the area dry. Do this several times until the stain remover is completely rinsed away.

Apply Leather Conditioner

Finally, once the seat is completely dry, apply leather conditioner on the seat, especially where you clean the stain, to protect the leather and prevent future stains from lodging into it.

If this does not work, call Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, so we can help you remove the ink stain from your leather seat or replace the upholstery.

Photo by hirun from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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