Everyday Cures For Motion Sickness

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Planes, trains, boats, and cars strike some as a call to adventure but others get queasy just thinking about travel. If seeing the world go by your window nauseates you, there are plenty of solutions to try before slapping on a prescription patch to embark on your day. Though it may go without saying; severe motion sickness deserves a conversation with your doctor. For less severe nausea from your daily commute or your significant other’s driving, use these tips for a calm stomach hack.

Start Strong

Knowing where the least amount of motion is in any mode of transportation is essential. Sit in the front seat when travelling by car. On airplanes the calmest seats are in the middle above the wings. For boat travel, stay as low to the water as possible in the middle of the ship. Choose seats away from strong odors and never face backwards from the direction of travel. Try to be close to fresh air or a vent and snag a view out towards a horizon.

Pack Snacks

The quality of snacks matters as eating fatty foods or getting too full can make motion sickness a lot worse. Never travel on an empty stomach though so keep few granola bars, trail mix or a protein shake on hand. Studies have shown that while the inclination is towards crackers, high protein is even better at getting nausea to subside.

Put Down the Phone

No, really, stop looking at your phone or magazine or book. Motion sickness comes from your brain and your inner ear having a strong disagreement about what’s happening to your body. When you’re looking at something stationary like the interior of a car your brain says you’re stationary while your inner ear knows you’re moving. Keep your attention outside the vehicle and feel those waves of nausea slip away. It’s going to be a bit boring if you’re driving through Nebraska though, sorry.

Peace Through Pressure

Belief in the flow of energy and chi through your body aside, this one is worth trying. Especially give it a shot if you forgot rule one and are already sufficiently ill. Measure two inches down from the wrist on your inner arm (about three fingers width), and gently press the spot with your thumb. Don’t stare down at your arm, keep your eyes fixed outside. If it works for you there are acupressure wristbands that do the pressing for you.

Spicy Solutions

It’s pretty common knowledge that ginger works great for calming stomachs. Ginger ale didn’t become a sickbed favorite without good reason. Some studies show that taken in supplement form before travel it’s effective at reducing an upset stomach. There’s also a variety of ginger chews or candied ginger products that fit in purse or pocket for an emergency ginger-injection to slow your slide into nausea. There’s always the old soda standby once you’re back on solid ground and can’t seem to shake the motion sickness.

If none of these tips put a dent in your motion sickness there’s plenty of over the counter and prescription meds to get you traveling with an iron stomach. Until the meds kick in breathe deep, the trip can’t last forever and soon you’ll be back on solid ground with a great reason why you should always get first dibs picking a seat on road trips.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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