How Custom Embroidery Helps Market Your Business

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Custom embroidery is an excellent marketing tool. You can place your business name and logo on all sorts of things that draw people’s attention to your brand. Branding is everything these days. If you don’t believe us, consider the Nike Swoosh; people all over the world think Nike when they see the Swoosh. Banister’s Upholstery can embroider the following to help you market your business.

Casual Friday

Most companies honor casual Friday these days and allow their employees to dress down. If you’re one of those businesses, or if you have a casual dress code anyway, why not give your employees embroidered polo shirts to wear? If your employees run errands before or after work, or if they go out on their lunch break, people will see your business name and logo and may ask about your company.

Customer Gifts

The same holds true if you offer your customers embroidered shirts, hats or other clothing. Give your best customers embroidered items as holiday gifts. Sponsor a local sports team and add your company name and logo on their caps and uniforms. Sell embroidered t-shirts to encourage your customers to wear your logo; you can even embroider blankets to offer up in the winter so people can keep warm.


If your business is such that your employees should wear uniforms, such as an auto shop, delivery business or maintenance service, embroider uniforms that make your employees proud. Put your company name and logo on the back in large font and each employee’s name on the front. You’d be surprised how much a nice, embroidered uniform will boost employee morale.

Trade Shows

Finally, embroidered items at trade shows go like hotcakes. Nobody wants another coffee mug or keychain but they’ll love a quality embroidered t-shirt, polo shirt, jacket, or another item. If you’re giving away better stuff than other businesses are, a word about your booth will spread quickly and attendees will flock to your booth to grab a shirt or cap. It’s worth the added promotional cost.

Banister’s Upholstery is an expert in custom embroidery. We embroider all types of items, including the items mentioned above and car mats and seat covers. Call our East Point, GA, shop today to discuss how custom embroidery will help your business.

Image by Monika Zając from Pixabay

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