Custom Auto Upholstery

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Custom Auto Upholstery -Your Design and a Professional’s Expertise

In the early 1900s, cars were monotonously similar, with wood-spoked wheels and drum-shaped headlights and they were known for their reliability and long lasting features.  Trimmers of course have a long past and have experience in upholstering everything from bicycle saddles to horse carriages and cars.  From plastics to material fabrics to vinyl and leather, instead of buying a new car and incurring huge debt, why not look at custom auto upholstery which can be done at a fraction of the price and give your car a whole new look.

All Cars can Benefit

Anything goes with custom upholstery jobs, from the car’s seat covers, the carpet, headliner, roof cover, dashboard and door panels. From Renault to Bugatti’s to Camaros, Mustangs, Volkwagens to Rolls Royce and everything in between, customizing your car’s  interiors has become far less expensive, with much of the work being done in leather.
There are always car-crazy people who either want to duplicate the original interiors of their cars of yesteryear, but there are those who want a complete custom interior. These auto upholstery shops have thousands of yards of fabrics and materials, carpet and trim items to bring any wish to fruition.

A Zest for the Unusual

Custom upholstery services are certainly not always a necessity – sometimes they’re required for sheer aesthetic appeal. Yes, manufacturers often have kits available for those customers who want a thorough  restoration. However, if car owners want to move away from the original design, and if certain kits aren’t available, upholsterers design custom upholstery from scratch.
Most customers usually have a good idea of what they want, and experienced upholsterers know how to take a customer’s idea and turn it into a custom-design the customer will love. When you do research, you’ll find that most of the weird and outrageous ideas that people have asked for have been complied with by professional and seasoned auto upholsterers.

Exclusive, Expensive Looks

Apart from cloth and leather, custom upholstery materials can include the likes of velvet and tweed too. Not sure  exactly what you’re looking for? Design-your-own upholstery options, select awesome fabrics and colors and benefit from impeccable workmanship and expensive, handsome and exclusive looks.

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Image by Phedon Konstantinidis from Pixabay

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