How Did My Convertible’s Top Get Damaged So Soon?

There are two ways that your convertible top will get damaged sooner than it should. Banister’s Upholstery advises that damage can occur to the top quickly if you fail to take care of it. This is one way you will end up with premature damage. The other way is environmental hazards that can be hard to avoid. You need to take care of your top and protect it against the following things. These things can damage your convertible top quickly, including tear it.

Bad Weather

If at all possible, keep your convertible in the garage during bad weather. Inclement weather can cause damage to your convertible top, especially if it is hailing outside. Depending on the size of the hail, the ice stones may tear the top or break through it. If you have to go out in the weather, try to find parking places where the top will be protected from the weather such as in parking garages or under coverings. You’d be surprised how quickly bad weather can damage your top, especially if the top isn’t sealed.

Dirt From the Road

Another thing that can cause premature damage to your convertible’s top is road debris. Things such as rocks and tire rubber can fly up and hit the top and tear it. They can also leave permanent stains on the top. You need to protect your convertible top from dirt and debris by cleaning it regularly and using an approved sealant on it to make sure it is dirtproof and waterproof. It is worth it to take the time to maintain your top to prevent dirt and debris from the road from damaging it.

The Sun Beating Down on It

Another thing a top protectant does is prevent UV ray damage. The sun’s rays can wreak havoc on your convertible top. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent the sun’s rays from beating down on it. As such, you need to use a protectant that includes UV ray protection to prevent the sun from fading and peeling your convertible top. Use a protectant that is recommended for your top’s material.

Tree Branches/Birds

Finally, tree branches can scratch your convertible top or tear it. It’s important that you avoid parking under low-hanging trees to prevent the branches from making contact with your convertible top. In fact, you may want to avoid trees altogether because birds may bomb your top and their poo contains urea that can eat through the convertible top.

Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, can replace your convertible’s top if it needs it, so give us a call today.

Photo by Kameleon007 from getty images via Canva Pro

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