Common Convertible Top Issues

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No matter where you drive or how you use your car, having a convertible can be a lot of fun. When you own a convertible, you can truly enjoy those hot summer days, putting the top down, letting the wind fly through your hair and thoroughly enjoying the ride.

If you own a convertible, you need to care for it properly to keep it looking and functioning its best. No matter what their make and model, your convertible requires special care, and that starts with knowing which issues to look out for. There are a number of common issues with convertible tops, but being proactive can help you avoid the worst damage.

Hydraulic Lift Failure

The hydraulic lift that opens and closes your convertible top does a lot of work, and it can suffer premature wear. It is important to check the condition of the hydraulic lift when you have your vehicle inspected. If your mechanic finds a problem, they can fix the lift before it fails and leaves your top open in a sudden rainstorm.

Tears and Holes

A convertible top is not as durable as a traditional hard top. The fabric is prone to tears and holes, and a small tear could easily spread if it is not found and repaired quickly. You should check for small tears and holes each time you wash your car – and get them repaired right away. Be sure to check your top frequently between washings as well, since a small tear can spread before you know it.

Defective Relays

A defective relay can create real problems for your convertible top, and a failed relay can be very expensive to repair. Prevention is the best defense against this common convertible top problem, so ask your mechanic to clean and lubricate the mechanism each time you take your car in for service.

A Low Fluid Level

A low fluid level in your convertible top mechanism can create premature wear and lead to the failure of the top itself. The fluid level should be checked carefully each time you bring your car in for service, so ask your mechanic to examine it and top it off as needed.

Driving a convertible can be a lot of fun, but your special care requires equally special care. If you care for your convertible, including the top, carefully, you can enjoy many trouble-free miles. If you fail to provide your convertible top with the care it needs, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a big repair bill.

Image by ileukers from Pixabay

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