Best Ways to Protect Your Auto Upholstery in the Georgia Heat

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The state of Georgia is blessed with abundant sunshine, but that warm weather can be a double-edged sword when it comes to your automotive upholstery. While riding around with the top down or the sunroof open might be a lot of fun, the relentless rays of the sun can really take a toll on your seats, dashboard and the rest of your car’s interior.

If you do not take the right steps to protect your automotive upholstery now, the interior of your car, truck or SUV could look older than its age by the time the Georgia summer is over. Here are some practical and effective ways to protect your upholstery from the oppressive heat of a Georgia summer.

Keep It Clean

You might not think that a bit of spilled soda or an errant French fry could damage your automotive upholstery, you would be wrong. Every piece of dirt and debris you leave lying around combines with the heat of the sun to damage your upholstery, fading those bright colors and leaving your car looking terrible.

So do yourself, and your upholstery, a favor and keep a small vacuum cleaner in your car. Wipe up any spills right away, using a damp cloth or clean paper towel, then follow up with a quick vacuuming of the automotive upholstery. If you must wait until you get home, be sure to vacuum the vehicle right away, before the dirt has a chance to set in and damage your upholstery.

Apply a UV Protectant

It is the UV rays in that abundant sunshine that do most of the damage, but you can take steps to protect the interior of your car. Start by applying a quality UV protectant to the entire surface of your upholstery – paying careful attention to the instructions as you go.

Be sure to reapply your chosen protectant at the recommended intervals. Over time, the protective elements can begin to fade, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to UV damage.

Watch for Signs of Damage

You cannot address UV damage that you fail to see, so take a close look at the interior of your car every time you step inside. Whether you are driving to the grocery store or commuting to the office, take a few minutes to look for the early signs of sun damage.

If you spot any problems, you can address the issue now, before the damage has a chance to spread. You cannot turn off the Georgia sun, but you can take steps to prevent damage to your automotive upholstery.

Image by AutoPhotography from Pixabay

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