The Best Haunted Houses In Atlanta

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With a spooky, volatile history, Atlanta’s cemeteries, historic battlefields and war hospitals provide locals and tourists alike with enough eerie fun to last a lifetime. If high-level horror tops your list this October, check out these nearby attractions.

1. Beverly Hills Inn: Once used to house the area’s widows, this inn in Atlanta’s shopping district has all the entertainment of a night spent in hell. For an authentic paranormal experience, rent a room and see if the sordid rumors are true.

2. Thornton House: The haunted history of this historic site has been well-established. Built in 1790, it’s Georgia’s oldest restored home. Now sitting at Stone Mountain Park, brave visitors report seeing a young girl who blows out candles and pulls hair. Yikes!

3. LP Grant Mansion: Once a civil war hospital, the LP Grant Mansion in the Atlanta Preservation Center is said to house Margaret Mitchell, a former homeowner. This three-story haunted wonder, with its tumultuous past, is sure to spook even the Stoics.

4. House on Horror Hill: Don’t be fooled by this structure’s straightforward appearance. Looking charming and residential among the Georgia trees, something evil lies beneath. Every weekend in October, this house awakens with psycho killers, mal-intentioned spirits and beastly zombies. Buy your tickets early; this is one of Atlanta’s most popular haunted locales.

5. Camp Blood: If the name gives you an idea, this Halloween favorite serves up shaky knees and panicked screams like they’re lollipops. With lively characters inspired by popular shows like “The Walking Dead,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and “Jeepers Creepers,” this site offers discount nights where admission is free with canned food for Atlanta’s hungry.

6. 13 Stories: Rated as one of the best haunted attractions in the U.S., 13 Stories provides a zone specially marked for zombie hunting and a Sacrifice Haunt, where patrons might get pushed, poked, or otherwise physically accosted by masked evildoers.

7. Fear the Woods: With a haunted house, haunted trail and an 8,000-square-foot interactive combat field, this popular October destination attracts those who want physicality with their horrors.

8. Netherworld Haunted House: One of Hauntworld magazine’s top-rated haunted houses, the Netherworld House has professionally-designed sets and devoted method actors, setting the stage for high-intensity, authentic terror.

When candy and witch hats won’t do, grab a group of steel-skinned cohorts and relish in all the glorious horror Atlanta has to offer.

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Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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