What Is The Best Cleaner For Car Dashboard

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Your dashboard can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris that can make it look pretty darn unattractive if you don’t keep it clean. In order to ensure that your vehicle looks its best, you should clean the dashboard on a regular basis. Before you head out to do some detailing, it’s important to know what the best car dashboard cleaner is.

Use a Vacuum

This might surprise you, but using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment is an excellent way to remove excess dirt and grime. The vacuum can pick up larger objects like crumbs and small items you may have left behind. The brush attachment will help you get rid of that layer of dust and dirt that tends to settle directly onto the dashboard’s surface. You can use a household vacuum cleaner, a wet-dry vac, or a car vacuum as long as they have the brush attachment available. Keep in mind, this is only the first step to getting a clean dashboard.

Wipe with a Cloth

You might be tempted to use a paper towel to wipe down and clean your dashboard. A soft microfiber cloth is a much better alternative since it will really capture all that excess grime. Dip the cloth in clean water and then gently wipe the dashboard down. You can also use this method to clean the interior of your car. Just fill a bowl with some warm water and mild soap. Wipe down the steering wheel, hand brake, and of course, your dashboard.

Getting Into the Crevices

A toothbrush or a small paintbrush is extremely helpful for getting those hard-to-reach areas clean. These brushes will get into cracks and crevices to make your car’s interior shine. Just make sure that your brush is soft or else you could accidentally scratch the interior. Take your time, and make sure you get into all the cracks and tight spaces with the brush. You can do this step first, or do it after you’ve wiped down and vacuumed the dashboard. Or, do it before and after to get the best results.


Once the dirt is removed, it’s time to make your dashboard shine! Polish the surface using a special car polish of your choice. These polishes come in a spray or a paste-like consistency. Use a new, clean microfiber cloth and apply the polish using a circular motion. Once you’re done, you can “buff” it out again with the cloth until everything sparkles and shines. There are plenty of great products available for dashboard polishing that you can find at most auto parts or mass merchandise stores to help you get that sparkly clean look.

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