Auto Vinyl Upholstery Fabric that Looks Like Leather

Auto Vinyl Upholstery Fabric that Looks Like Leather

When it comes to auto vinyl upholstery fabric, you get a variety of choices from the major manufactures in terms of quality and colors. Today’s vinyls aren’t hard, uncomfortable materials from the past but rather resemble leather somewhat. It was during the 1950s that vinyl became a sought after material in car upholstery, and its quality has drastically improved with several advantages over leather.  Remember though that vinyl, like other materials can become damaged from the sun.

Vinyl – The Price Tag is Affordable

It is far more cheaper and comes in many patterns and colors.  Another advantage is that vinyl fabric won’t stretch like leather, and its only real disadvantage these days is that you don’t get that alluring real-leather aroma. One of the biggest advantages with auto vinyl upholstery fabric is that you get the look of leather but without the costly price tag. For cleaning your vinyl upholstery, avoid using harsh chemical products which will dull the natural sheen of the vinyl material. Simply use a solution of mild dish-wash soap and warm water and dry the vinyl off thoroughly to avoid drying and cracking.

Vinyl is affordable and auto devotees love the idea of being able to change their car’s interiors more often. The costs of upkeep for vinyl material is also less expensive, and repairing tears in your vinyl upholstery is much easier than with leather.

Vinyl Gets Special Treatment

Auto vinyl upholstery fabric comes in different grades, with each manufacturer setting their own grades. On a scale of A-F, ‘F’ represents the more costly fabrics. Manufacturers basically produce a few kinds of vinyl fabrics – expanded- and non-expanded vinyl as well as nonbacked vinyl. Nonbacked vinyl is used in cars for upholstery and trim. Some manufacturers also add special coatings to commercial-grade vinyl such as antibacterial treatments.

Vinyl repair requires skill to get it looking perfect. If the cracks or tears in the vinyl are too large it might be better to have your upholstery replaced. Repair kits are mostly for small tears and other imperfections, not huge rips.

We’re an excellent upholstery shop that will do the job for you with all the right tools and strategies to get your car in mint condition again.

Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay

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