Auto Upholstery – Each has Individual Qualities

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Auto Upholstery – Each has Individual Qualities

There are a mixed variety of car upholstery materials available, and by nature, they are all inherently durable. Leather is always a sought after choice, and if its price tag is too hefty, there are materials that are designed to look and function exactly like leather. The idea is for the upholstery to be durable to sustain decades of use.
Most leather in cars is protected-leather – this means it comes with a polyurethane/acrylate coat. It is important to know the leather manufacturing process because the finish will determine how you care for it. Some automobile manufacturers use different types of leather on different parts of the seat and then choose vinyl for the sides and back.

Less-Maintenance Upholstery Materials

  • Cloth interiors always look attractive and jaunty and are made from a variety of either natural or synthetic fibers. Nylon is always a good choice because it is stain resistant, and with young children and pets , is a wise choice.  Polyester or Teflon is also used for car seats because of its durability, and the fact that is is UV-resistant.
  • Vinyl is more affordable than leather but it can be more expensive than the traditional fabric cloth material which comes standard in most cars today. Both vinyl and cloth upholstery comes in different grades and this will have an influence on the price.  
  • Not long ago, many cars had PVC seats, and this soft plastic was mostly used in lower-end vehicles. Popular choices where serviceable colors such as black, brown or grey. This seating choice was unpopular for being hot and sticky to sit on during the hot Summer months.

Individual Quality

Upholstery auto choices require research but if you are looking to have your car reupholstered from PVC to leather, choose your re-upholsterer with great care. They must have the skills and the experience to make the fabric look luxurious and comfy. While many people happily settle for all these choices, there are some who want custom-made car upholstery and the best auto upholsterers can take on any ideas.
Upholstery shops will give advice on their different types of car upholstery fabric, but most importantly they install the upholstery properly, which is fundamental to superior performance and longevity.

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Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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