Why Does My Airbag Warning Light Keep Coming On?

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Why does my airbag warning light keep coming on? Modern vehicles are designed to be safer than ever before, with automatic braking, lane-keeping technology, and sensors that detect problems drivers may not otherwise have seen. Even when a crash does occur, the airbags go into action, inflating to protect the occupants of the vehicle and shield them from harm. And while no safety technology is perfect, airbags have sharply reduced accident-related injuries in recent years.

That is good news. The bad news is that the airbags in your vehicle do not always operate the way they should. When your vehicle detects an issue with the airbag, it illuminates a warning light. If you see this warning light on your dashboard, you should not ignore it. Like every warning light, the airbag warning light is trying to tell you something, and you need to pay close attention.

What Atlanta Area Residents Need to Know

As a resident of Metro Atlanta, you rely on your vehicle every day. You expect your daily commute to be a safe one, and you trust that your airbags will operate the way they should if you get into a crash.

The fact that you live in Metro Atlanta also means you probably do a lot of driving. The traffic here is legendary, and the daily commute alone can last for over an hour. That is why it is so important to monitor your airbags’ health – and get immediate help if your airbag light comes on.

Why Does My Airbag Warning Light Keep Coming On?

Several things can trigger an airbag warning light, and not all of them are serious. In fact, the most common cause of an illuminated airbag warning light is the improper fastening of the seat belt.

The airbags in your car are designed to work with the seatbelts, and if the vehicle detects the seat belt is not fastened, it may turn on the airbag warning light. If your airbag warning light suddenly comes on, check the seatbelt first. Unfasten the seat belt, click it into place, and see if the airbag warning light goes out. If so, you do not have to do anything further. If the airbag warning light is still on, it is time to explore a bit further.

Get a Definitive Diagnosis

If your seatbelts are properly fastened, and your airbag warning light is still illuminated, the issue could be a malfunction in the airbag system. A problem with one or more of the airbags will cause the warning light to go on, but it is not always easy to determine the source of the problem.

If your airbag warning light is on and you do not know why it is best to bring your vehicle in for a definitive diagnosis. The staff at Banister’s Upholstery can check the codes on your car’s computer and find the root cause. More importantly, they will be able to fix your airbags so that you can drive away in safety.

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