Five Things that Damage Convertible Tops

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Your convertible top can still get damaged no matter how well you take care of it. Outdoor elements and other drivers can make life rough for your top, which is why we here at Bannister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, recommend you show your top plenty of TLC. Anything outside can damage your convertible top, especially soft ones, and here are five things that pose particular dangers.


If you park your vehicle under a tree to keep it cool during the hot summer months, low-hanging or falling branches can damage the convertible top. Even if you have a hard convertible top, the branches can scratch the surface. Soft top drivers should worry about scratches, punctures, and tears, which even small branches can cause if they scrape the top just right. Make sure to park under well-maintained, trimmed trees to avoid top damage, although it won’t avoid birds from making the top their toilet.


We won’t argue that a white or tan convertible top looks sharp. These classic colors complement any vehicle paint job, but they are a bear to keep clean. A soft convertible top is porous, which means dirt can settle in and damage the lid. Hardtops are more dirt-resistant, but only if you keep them waxed. You can prevent dirt from settling into your top and permanently staining it with proper cleaning and sealants. Otherwise, you might find that simple dirt can damage your top more than you imagined.

Road Debris

Road debris includes grime and oil spun up by big rig wheels. Big rig wheels also throw rocks into the air, which can damage your convertible top if they bounce off it. As with dirt, your best line of defense against road grime and oil is to maintain and seal your top regularly. This won’t stop rock damage that hits the front of your top just right, but it will help prevent oil and other grime from sticking to your roof. A road is a dangerous place for convertibles, especially when other drivers kick stuff up.


Suppose you park outside while at work all day, the sun’s UV rays will crack and fade your convertible top. There’s no avoiding this, so keep your top protected with the proper sealant. Convertible top treatments are designed to help protect your leather or hard top just as sunscreen protects your skin. They reflect the sun’s UV rays off the top to prevent fading and other sun damage. You bought your convertible to enjoy the sun’s rays on warm days, but you must protect your top from them when it’s up.


Finally, inclement weather can wreak havoc on your soft or hard convertible top. Let’s talk soft tops, however. Rain and humidity settle into the pores just as dirt does, and this is the perfect environment for mold or mildew growth. Always protect your leather or faux leather top from moisture and inclement weather per the manufacturer’s instructions. Moisture from humidity, rain, sleet, or snow can cause mold and mildew and also crack or peel the soft convertible top.

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