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Banister’s Upholstery Company is Atlanta’s premier upholstery service. We feature a full lineup of upholstery services and have built our reputation for excellence over the last fifty years. Our truck cover upholstery

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Truck Cover Upholstery

Banister’s Upholstery Company specializes in auto upholstery services including truck cover upholstery. We prepare our custom covers on site and will tailor them to your vehicle. Each cover is designed to fit the bed of your truck for seamless operation. If you keep tool boxes or other work equipment in the bed of your truck, we can even design a custom cover that takes these items into consideration. Our high-quality truck covers are known throughout the Atlanta region for their durability and perfect custom fit.

High-Quality Materials

Banister’s employs durable and weather-proof material to custom make your truck bed cover. Our truck covers are the ideal way to protect the material in your truck bed while complementing the look of your truck. Say goodbye to ineffective tarps when you opt for a custom-designed, snap-in-place bed cover for your truck. Whether your cart work equipment and materials or sportive gear, we can provide you with a tailor-made truck cover to protect the items you store there.

Affordable and Durable

Banister’s has an outstanding reputation for affordable pricing. Our service attracts customers from all across Atlanta and beyond. Our upholstery team is highly rated and dedicated to putting our customers’ needs first. We take extreme measures to ensure that each custom truck cover is a perfect fit. Upholstery demands perfection, which is why we’ve hired perfectionists to deliver our upholstery service to our customers. Our cost-effective truck covers are designed to last season after season, year after year. We boast the best materials and know how so you can rely on us for your optimum solution to truck storage.

We provide estimates upfront so you can decide for yourself how competitive our rates really are. If you have a highly customized plan in mind, be sure to let us know. We enjoy tackling these types of projects.

Be sure to ask us about our gallery of completed projects. We enjoy showing off the work of our talented upholstery team. We have lots of truck covers to share with you. We can easily design a custom cover that enhances the look of your truck while providing it with the functionality it needs.

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