Three Common Auto Upholstery Problems

The resell value of your car, SUV, or truck depends on the condition of the vehicle inside and outside. If the upholstery is severely damaged or stained, you will not get as much money for the automobile from a dealer or a private buyer. We can reupholster your vehicle. In fact, that is what we do primarily. There are three common upholstery problems that we can fix. We will list these problems below.


Did you know that smoking inside your automobile can stain the seats, doors, and dashboard? The sun’s ultraviolet rays can also fade the interior of the vehicle and discolor it. When the interior of the vehicle is discolored, the discoloration may be in patches, which makes it all the more noticeable. This reduces the vehicle’s appeal because the interior looks old and drab.

Stains can also create a problem when it comes to assessing the value of the vehicle before you sell it. If the interior is stained, especially if it is stained severely, it will put off potential buyers. Things that can stain your vehicle’s interior include

  • Dirt
  • Cigarettes
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Ink
  • Markers
  • Newspapers

If your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s interior has stains on it, we can attempt to remove the stains. If we are unable to remove the stains, we can replace the interior. This is something you may want to consider even if don’t plan to sell the car. Why should you put up with stained interior?


Another thing that will reduce the value of your automobile is frays, tears, or holes in the interior. For example, if you keep a pen in your rear pocket, it may, eventually, tear the interior. Scissors can also tear the interior as can anything that has a pointed edge.

If your vehicle has decades under its wheels, the interior may be wearing down naturally. It can start to fray or tear at the seams. It can also wear down in the places where you sit on it regularly. We can recover your seats, doors, and dashboard if the interior is breaking down.

Unpleasant/Rancid Odors

As we mentioned above, cigarette smoke can stain your interior. Cigar and pipe smoke can also stain the interior. These habits can also leave the interior of your vehicle with an unpleasant smell. Mold and mildew can also create rancid odors in the vehicle.

Again, we can redo your vehicle’s interior if it stinks, is stained, or is worn out. Call us today or stop by our shop to discuss replacing your car’s interior.

Photo by Click_and_Photo from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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