What Can I Do About the Bird Droppings on My Convertible’s Top?

Even if you don’t park under a tree, a bird may use your convertible’s top as a toilet as it flies by. Do not panic; bird droppings can be removed safely, even if your convertible’s top is made from real leather. The key is to be gentle in your cleaning process. You do not want to spread the bird droppings across the top or rub them into the top even deeper. If your convertible’s top has damage aside from the bird droppings, it’s time to let Banister’s Upholstery replace it. In the meantime, here is how you can safely remove the bird droppings from your leather or faux-leather top.

Check the Droppings First

Nobody wants to inspect bird poo closely and we’re not suggesting that you do so. Rather, just grab a tissue and use it to touch the droppings gently to see if they are still moist or have dried out. Their texture is going to dictate how you clean the bird doo off the top.

If They Are Moist…

Grab a damp paper towel or soft cloth and gently try to pick up the bird droppings off the top. You don’t want to rub them hard and smear them. This will work the bird droppings further into the convertible top’s materials. The key is to pick them up off the top and then gently wipe away any residual poo. Once the convertible top is free of bird droppings, use leather or faux-leather cleaner to clean the places where the bird droppings were, and then treat the top with the proper treatment.

If They Are Dry…

If, when you touch them with the tissue, the bird droppings are dry, you’ve got a little more work ahead of you, especially if your convertible’s top is leather. Using only a cleaner that is approved for your convertible top, wet the bird droppings with the cleaner and let it sit on the droppings for a half-hour to an hour. You want the cleaner to soften the droppings so you can pick them up off the top. Once the time has passed, pick the droppings off the top with a damp, soft cloth or paper towel.
If the droppings are being stubborn, you can soak them in the cleaner for another 30 to 60 minutes. If you have a vinyl convertible top, you can use hot water – not boiling – to help loosen the droppings. Use can also use a very soft brush, such as an old toothbrush, to loosen the droppings. Once you’ve removed the droppings, clean and treat the convertible’s top.

Banister’s Upholstery in East Point, GA, is here to help so call us today if you are ready to replace your convertible’s top.

Photo by Justin Smith from getty images via Canva Pro

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