The Best Ways To Protect Furniture From Pet Damage

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As beloved members of any household, many pets are as welcome on furniture as Mom and Dad. Of course, sharing these comfy spaces with hairy, drooly companions sometimes comes with specialized upholstery preparations and extensive clean-up. So, to protect your investments (house and car included) from pet damage, follow these steps to keep furniture both clean and pet-friendly.

Keep Towels and Wet Wipes Handy

While some pets stay indoors, many spend significant time outside….in the dirt. To minimize muddy tracks on floors and on vehicle upholstery, have old towels or baby wipes nearby to make cleanup easy. For the brainy breeds, the practice of wiping paws will become customary; some might even pause for the obligatory foot massage.

Vacuum Regularly

Unless yours is of the hairless variety, most pets shed. Regular sweeps of favorite spots or high-traffic areas will keep buildup at bay, and don’t forget to flip couch cushions (and floorboard mats). If you have cats, pay close attention to the area around windows; they love to take naps in the sunshine.

Redirect Chewing and Scratching

Whether your cat loves to use those claws or your dog can’t exercise the jaws enough, refocusing their efforts on good (not evil) is key to furniture maintenance. Consider a well-placed scratching post or heavy-duty chew toy to engage their natural instincts while preserving your valuables. In many cases, you’ll need more than one. And don’t forget to praise them when they chew a bone instead of your leather belt. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

Cover it Up

It never hurts to put a blanket over the back seat or loveseat to protect the area. Not only will cleanup be simpler, but a fuzzy throw might make the seat more inviting. You can even find washable slipcovers made especially for pet dander.

Create Boundaries

Maybe you have a guest bedroom you prefer to keep pet-free or a piece of furniture with sentimental value. Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to set boundaries; the pet market is full of handy tools to keep Roxy off your favorite chair. You can use spray on furniture (that tastes bitter) to deter chewing, compressed air in a can, or a good old-fashioned spray bottle. Whatever you choose, however, remember that consistency is key. Once you’ve laid down the law, try not to confuse your pet by making exceptions. Simple, straightforward rules keep everyone on the same page.

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