Expert Auto Upholstery Shop Caters for All Fabric Types

Expert Auto Upholstery Shop Caters for All Fabric Types

Auto upholstery isn’t just about making sure your car’s seating is always in good repair, it entails ripped door panels, a slit in the roof’s lining, a gash in the dashboard, and of course torn seating which exposes the foam. Professional auto upholsterers are clued up with making and installing automotive upholstery – everything from seat covers to carpeting, headliners, convertible tops and door panels.

Unusual Fabrics always in Stock

They are expert sewers and know how to install complete interiors in your car, your motorcycle, your truck or van. These upholsterers know how to work with all kinds of materials such as leather, nylon, vinyl and sometimes even plastic. Professional upholsterers are never caught off-guard without the right fabrics – even when their customers ask for fabrics that are unusual.
Automotive trimming is challenging, but tremendously rewarding, and there are many opportunities for people to try their own hand at automotive repairs. Apart from auto upholstery repair kits which can help you to repair smaller tears, there are even books and online tutorials available from auto upholstery repair shops. They show you how, with basic tools and fabrics, you can repair your own upholstery. They are clearly written with step-by-step guides and supporting drawings and photographs.

Textures are Always Matched

Vinyl upholstery for instance is less common than it once was, but if you have a classic car, it is more than likely to have vinyl upholstery. In this instance, you will need special products to work on vinyl, and at any well stocked auto repair store, you will find a vinyl repair kit and be able to apply matching liquid vinyl to damaged seats, making use of the special grain papers to match the texture of your existing vinyl.

Sometimes Professionalism is Imperative

Remember that repairing upholstery yourself isn’t always the best choice, more so when you want your classic car to maintain its good looks. If your car has extensive damage, a home job just would not be good enough, and if your car has damage to a seat belt for instance, a home repair can jeopardize the safety of your car.
Whether you need car seat repairs undertaken, or some quick dashboard repairs, interior trim specialists can offer a professional car interior and upholstery repair service for all makes and models and for every kind of fabric.

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