Auto Leather Upholstery Repair

Leather upholstery should always look stylish, after all leather seats offer ease and comfort and when you have spent a fortune getting them,  you deserve both the style and comfort. Auto leather upholstery speaks for itself and while it is always going to cost you more, luxuriously soft Nappa leather is a cut above. One would expect such luxury to be untouchable, but even quality leather upholstery can crack and tear.

Some leather upholstery, particularly the seats, are coated with a thin layer of vinyl which is useful as it protects the leather from spills and from UV radiation. If the upholstery isn’t protected like this, you’ll need to invest in products from a hardware store or an auto upholstery repair shop for special leather cleaners and protectants to maintain its luster.
Leather Upholstery Repair Kits

Leather Upholstery Repair Kits

Leather upholstery repair kits are excellent to invest in for those minor tears, cuts and cracks in leather, and can nip a tear in the bud and prevent it from worsening. If recovering  leather upholstery is not possible for you, you can always opt for an auto leather upholstery repair kit. These are easily available at any automotive upholstery store, but are best for small rips and not designed for larger tears.

Leather and vinyl repair kits make sure that you get a like-perfect match to your existing leather and can spare you having to hand your car in for a re-upholster job.

Patch Up Your Leather to its Original Look

Door panels, seats, armrests and dashboard are all subject to some form of damage, whether its scuff marks from people getting in and out of a car, direct sunlight, food and drink spills, cigarette burns and general wear and tear. Worn and faded dashboards and leather seats can all be re-dyed and totally patched up to their original look. This is fantastic for when you’re looking to sell your car.

Professionalism Brings its own Rewards

A reputable and experienced  auto leather upholstery repair shop always  has the best leather care products in the world to keep your leather upholstery soft, colorful and comfy. Many people try to do the job themselves, but there is nothing like maintaining luxury interiors the professional way.

An auto leather upholstery repair shop has products that are made especially for the vehicle industry. They’ll give you a free estimate for your upholstery repairs and you’ll also be able to see some of their repair-work while in the shop.

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